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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 15, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. what do you think the parents of beheaded journalist james foley think about president obama going golfing right after talking to the nation about their executed son. they told us when they think. john and diane foley going "on the record." first, this weekend another horrific beheading by isis. isis is pure evil and they are holding more hostages including americans. representative peter king son othe homeland security committee e joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> well, obviously, isis is not deterred by our strategy, at least not yet. they executed a third. your thoughts tonight, sir? >> well, first of all, this just proves, greta, that they are evil, diabolical organization and we have to do everything possible to
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destroy them. you cannot negotiate with them. you cannot take any kind of conciliation. these are animals. they have to be killed and destroyed. and quite frankly, i don't think the president has shown yet that he really has the heart to go forward. it's always like one step forward and one step sideways. i'm pretty old fashioned. i want to support the president as commander and chief. so far he has not shown me that he is fully committed to this. >> all right. what we are hearing the strategy is to arm the syrian rebels in syria but the problem with that is, is that as they arm them against isis, but if they are successful, aren't we helping president assad of syria and he is a guy who gases his people. so what are we going to do? >> well, of the two i think the more serious threat right now is isis. having said that i saw questions about arming the presyrian army now. this would have been more successful two or three years ago. if we're serious about going after isis, we can't be waiting for the three syrian
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army to be trained and equipped. that's going to take months and months and even then it's going to be difficult to vet them, to get them this fighting shape, to get them ready and a, 15 to 30,000 men and women and isis certainly are men. again, as far as assad, again, we put ourselves in this position. i think we have to make it clear that we are not here in any way to help assad. he may be a short-term beneficiary. in the end our goal has to be destroy to destroy isis we ghoot loud power here. >> president obama addressed the nation and he told isis there will be no american boots on the ground. so they don't have to worry about that one. >> well, first of all, you should never ever tell the enemy what you are not going to do. you shouldn't even tell them what you are going to do. we should put isis in position where they are fearful we're going to use every possible weapon, every possible troop at our disposal. and then the president can decide what he want to do. i don't believe that we need a large amount of american
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boots on the ground as far as full combat operations. we should rule nothing out. we are going to have to it operations. we are going to have to have american troops embedded with the iraqis and kurds. there could be a time where we will have to use american troops on the ground. and for the president to keep ruling it out, to me, that sends a bad signal not just to isis who is our enemy but also to countries that we are trying to get into a coalition because they still have not gotten faith back that they lost last year when president obama bailed out on them after he said he was going to bomb syria. got certain country stos stand with us and then pulled the rug out. >> what do you think of the president's overall strategy? is it going to beat isis, kill them, destroy them? is it going to tread water or enable them to get bigger and stronger. >> announced policy is to destroy them. >> what's going to happen? with his announced policy are we going to beat them, kill them. tread water and basically maintain or are they going to get bigger?
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>> well, depending on when you listen to them. he has stated that his policy is to destroy isis. i think though that unless this policy has now is implemented immediately and forcibly and expanded on we are not going to destroy isis we are going to get in a war of attrition. it's hard to win a war of attrition against people who don't care whether they live or die or not that will wear down the american people. that's what isis is looking for wear us down. he has to go all out and so far he has not shown that he is willing to do that. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> greta, thank you. >> now we continue our interview with the parents of journalist james foley who was beheaded by the very vicious isis. tonight diane and john foley talk about first finding out their son had been kidnapped. the year they spent wondering, agonizing if james was even alive and why james went to syria in the first place. >> talk about the danger, i mean, i imagine the family had some discussion about this or not? >> we did.
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stay home christmas. he wanted to go back. i think he had some commitment that he felt he had to fulfill. mom and dad i will be home for christmas and we can talk about it again. >> he was very aware of the risk though, greta. and, as a matter of fact, some of sis siblings were irritated with him. >> angry. >> angry is the word. but i think as a family, we came to know the palings -- passion he had for. this i think the more, as i was saying, greta, the more suffering he saw, particularly civilian and, you know -- >> -- collateral damage. >> right, collateral damage, the more he felt compelled that the stories needed -- we people here in the united states have such a comfortable life and it's so easy to take our freedoms for granted. and here he would see these people without freedom and
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struggling so in the midst of it all. and he also saw that fewer dangers. so, jim was aware. jim was a very courageous and committed. >> yeah. before his capture he began to write about the radicalization of the free syria forces and the infiltration of the jihadist group. so he, he was concerned he knew it was getting more dangerous. >> how did you know he had been kidnapped? >> one of his colleagues had been waiting at the turkish border for him to return. it was the day after thanksgiving. and we were concerned when we didn't hear from him on thanksgiving because jim always called or touched base the next day. >> who took the call? >> i guess i did she said
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what? jim was supposed to meet me and he hasn't shown up. >> exactly. >> actually, claire short straw. she was the young lady captured with him in syria. so she called. >> in libya. >> i'm sorry. in libya she called us. >> but nicole was the colleague that was awaiting him claire knew us so she was good enough to call. >> what do parents do when that happens? immediately we were in shock, of course, and started praying. we have been praying through this whole ordeal. it was the strength of prayers of the world, really that gave jim the strength to survive the torture, beating, the whole ordeal we were very privileged to have
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global post security team to offer, not every journalist has that option. they began the search. >> within two weeks after. >> by that time, the -- his whereabouts was unknown or that's not true, his -- the people who were asked to know if they were knew where he was were unable to tell us it? >> was unknown. what happened was the freelancers were frantic. they are really quite a close community. there were a lot of them who loved jim very much as well as many syrians. you know, and for those two weeks we had no fbi team no security frantic team searching and rumors started circulating and according to our security team it did confuse the situation a lot. no one knew where he went.
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there was rumors everywhere. and then two weeks after fbi, apparently i think went immediately notify the u.s. government when you got that phone call? how does this work? >> we were notified by counselor affairs. >> so they called you. and this was how soon after thanksgiving? >> >> i don't know, maybe a day or two. i'm not sure if that's accurate. a lovely young lady, carrie, who has become a friend, you know, called to let us know that they knew and said that fbi would be involved. >> did they know who was holding him? had you heard of the name ice at that point or isil. >> i don't think so there was an isil or isis at that point of any prominence. we are not world politicians or et cetera. we were unaware of isis or
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isil at that point. >> greta, we didn't know where jim was or if he was alive for nearly a year from that capture. our first news that he was hopefully alive was the following fall. so we did not know where he was. >> now, your other son was on, coincidently with me in january. that was about two months after he vanished. >> um-huh. >> and at that time nobody knew anything. >> we didn't know. >> you hadn't heard anything from him. >> that continued for that year. >> we in the media pick this up through these stories and but we don't understand what the family is going through because we do other things. was it like day to day it was just incredible like you are manning the phones and making phone calls or waiting for that phone call? what's it like during that year? >> well, i mean, we would make phone calls on a daily basis if we thought it made a big difference. you know, we worked with the
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fbi, we worked with the security team there was no information. so we had to be, if you will, patient. >> and that's. go ahead. >> so we knew from the fbi that they were telling us that jimmy's situation was the highest priority. they were doing everything possible to find him. but they couldn't tell us anything for, i guess, security reasons. >> our security team was actually busy. we had frequent calls from global post giving us updates in terms of what was happening and not happening, what information we had. but, there was nothing. there was nothing to. >> and we were told to not talk to the media at all by whom? >> fbi we were counseled by them not to. through the holidays,
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praying, trying to figure out what to do. talked to the fbi agent who did come up here and as john sa who was really working very hard to try to get leads. try to figure out all the rumors and follow all the leads but then finally at the beginning of the year when michael talked to you, greta when we decided as a family we needed the help of the world. we had no idea where jim was or if he was alive when was the first time that you had any indication that he was alive? >> it was definitely the fall late september, early october we received a call from belgium man. and our son michael just thought it was just one of many people bothering us or whatever and but i was interested in it because i thought who knows? >> we fired him. michael. >> well. no but michael just thought it was another because we
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had a lot of false rumors. so many were false. i talked to the man and he spoke reasonable english and he said our son my son has seen your son we want to tell you everything. we want to help you get your son out. his young son a belgium teenager had joined the jihad unbeknownst to his father and gone through syria and he ended up at one point being one of the guards for our son. and jim apparently had -- jim had a way with young people and apparently they became friendly. jim asked him if he ever got out to please let us know and he did. >> he decided to leave. he decided to leave the movement. >> yes, and his father was
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frantic and was captured himself several times. >> trying to find jezawin and bring him home which he did succeed in. they were just wonderful. a very -- but, of course, he was jailed when he went to belgium because he had joined theq0hnç jihad and but yt jesiwin and his father were cooperative to the fbi and gave us the first sign of hope, greta,that jim was alive. barely but he was alive. >> what did they say the condition jim was in and what was going on with him. >> he said when jimmy first got there he was emaciated. we don't know where he had come from. that's never been clear. but, over the time that he was there, the feeding improved and he said that he really had regained weight by the time that he left.
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good idea of what you think. but what do you think the foley parents think about president obama making a statement about their son executed on video in the most hideous images seen by the world and then he heads to the golf course?
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we asked the foley parents. >> you received a call from the pope. >> we did. >> we did. >> how soon, was that the day that your news broke. >> a day or two afterwards. the pope was grieving himself from -- he had recently had a nephew who was in a terrible car accident. the nephew's wife was killed. several of their children were killed he had a brain hemorrhage and gone to surgery initially and had to go back so. in his grief, the pope called us to share his sympathy over jim's death we were very very grateful and honored and i think that that shows that the pope is a real humanitarian, a real caring human being like the
4:20 pm
rest of us. >> what did he say to you? >> he said he is sorry for our grief. he is sorry that jim was killed. he suggested that he was a martyr for freedom. >> he said he would pray for us. he was just -- it was just very kind that in the the midst of his grief that he would reach out to us, you know. that was a blessing. , greta. that was a blessing. >> the president called? >> oh, yes. >> the day the news broke the president called? >> not. >> not the day? >> no. >> the day after. >> maybe the day after or two. maybe it was the day after it could be. >> what did he say? >> he said that he was. >> sorry. >> sorry. >> sorry that he died. >> his condolences and indicated they had done everything they possibly could to get jim ands others out. he told us about the raid. that's the first we had ever
4:21 pm
heard of it. and it was so late. >> i actually told president obama that jimmy believed in him. he worked hard it to get him elected. he believed in him and that he believed to the end that our government would come and get them. >> what do you think about that raid in july when they went to syria and jimmy wasn't there? >> well, we appreciate the effort, certainly appreciate the courage of anyone going on such a mission. you know, we certainly appreciate that it was too late, greta it was much too late, dear. i really feel that -- well, we were hinted that they knew where they were for, jeesh, at different times they knew just where they were and but it was dangerous mission, mind you. i'm not saying that we expected this huge military intervention. we just wanted somehow.
4:22 pm
>> might be a possibility. >> right. we thought it might be a possibility. >> like all americans, we felt that our government would succeed at whatever it decided to do and were certainly dismayed that the effort was unsuccessful. >> right. >> i suppose you know that many people were scandalized that the president gave his statement about your son and then the next thing we have is a picture of him golfing. your reaction to that? >> well, it was just -- you know, we were just disappointed as americans, that's all. you know. we feel, you know, americans should be important, you know. american citizens trying to do their work abroad. and we think our country can do better, that's all, greta. i just think we can jim thought we could.
4:23 pm
so we need to believe that we can. so, we pray that we can -- that jim's death will help us all do some soul searching as a country, as a government, as families we need to too. we need to see, to better articulate what we needed if you will. because we can do better, greta. i mean, you know, to be honest, you know, the other countries i visited when i was in europe, granted they are smaller countries and so it's easier. part of what is hard in our country is we are huge. we have got a big bureaucracy. our country -- our government is very complex. so it's really hard -- interest groups. huge. >> so, even for the fbi agent who was working on our case didn't even know the state department agent who was working on it. so it was just -- it's -- so it isn't anybody's fault. it's we want to be part of
4:24 pm
that solution. i think we can do better, greta. >> this is a fox news alert. fox news is confirming the u.s. conducted an air strikes just southwest of baghdad today. the strike targeting isis. we're going to bring you more details as centcom makes them available. and james foley's terrifying time in captivity so cruel. coming up his parents describe the unthinkable conditions as his failed escaped attempt. plus, you will hear from a fellow journalist and friend of foley's. plus ahead the white house says it has arab states offering air power against isis. who are they? ambassador john bolton is here next. do you have something?
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4:29 pm
us. naval aviators used to have a saying during the bosnia if you can't hunt with the big dogs stay on the the porch. a lot of countries that have f 16s or f 18s can't fly with us number one. number two, it's not clear from what the secretary said whether they are going to be flying combat sorts or ariel refueling. i admit it's early days. so far the evidence is pretty thin of tangible military commitment. >> he will with the president has said that he already told isis no boots on the ground from the usa. we know that it's either air strikes or nothing arming the rebels. >> it's incredible the president is giving isis, not only telling them what we are not going to do. but as quoted by the "new york times," which is always right, when it has a story. we know that they said on sunday. >> i note the sarcasm. >> heaven forbid, reporting on a meeting that the president had with several foreign policy advisors, i'm quoting the "new york times" now, he said if he had been,
4:30 pm
quote, annual advisor to isis closed quote, mr. obama added he would not have killed the hostages but released them and pinned notes on their chest saying stay out of here. this is none of your business. such a move he speculated my have undercut support intervention. i'm struck by. this private conversation or not. this is a commander and chief of our armed forces. >> that is the "new york times." it's not like it's some blog online where someone hates them or something, this is the "new york times." >> it'sçbzbu obviously quotatios from foreign policy experts who met with the president. repent tillable reporter has written the story. what could the president have been thinking? does he have any more advice for isis about what they should do to undercut support for the military intervention that he has ordered as the president? >> what happens now? >> i think we are in trouble. i think every day that goes by isis is able to consolidate control over the territory it holds, which is the size of great britain.
4:31 pm
it was only a month ago that it took mosul and, yet, we act as if it is going to take three years. that's the president's plan to role it back. if after the first 9/11, george w. bush had said i'm going to deal with taliban, it will take about three years, people would have been outraged. that's what we need to hear from the american people now. >> ambassador, thank you. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> and are democratic candidates now running away from president obama? you have to see some of the new campaign ads. first the kentucky democrat running against senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i'm not barack obama, i disagree with him on guns, coal and the e.p.a. and mitch, that's not how you hold a gun. >> and this ad from another democratic senate candidate. this time west virginia. >> i will make sure president obama gets the message. >> and joining us our political panel "fortune
4:32 pm
magazine" editor nina easton the hill bob cusack and susan ferrechio. nina, both women, both running from the president. both democrats. >> yeah. running away from the president. it's interesting. you have got a range. you have got people distancing themselves and then you have got that last one, natalie tenant and west virginia running for open seat there she has actually issued an attack ads on barack obama where what she was doing there was turning off the power grid bylaws she thinks he isn't supportive of coal and she just went right after him. so what's interesting to me is there is these range of distancing on the president -- from the president, but what's missing in it is obamacare. it's mostly about energy, close to home. energy use, e.p.a. regulations. and, in some of the border states, you are seeing distancing from him on immigration as particularly the border crisis. but we haven't really seen obamacare in the mix recently. and that's kind of a knew new term. we didn't expect that. >> bob, do you think the
4:33 pm
democratic party has given their blessings to this in in order to try to keep -- tote got seats? >> yes. no, absolutely. they have to run very far from the president. >> they say go ahead and -- >> -- the white house knows that too. the perplexing thing we are reporting tonight that the administration that the president is where is he going to go. let state democrats don't want him anywhere near them. and we're 50 days away. so you ain't seen nothing yet. it's going to get only worse from this point on. >> the president said earlier this year in a private meeting with democrats said look, i know you need to keep your distance from me. that's fine. i will just raise money for you. that's what he is doing. if you look at west virginia. natalieptym tenant is 20 points behind shellie. >> it's a hail mary. >> now, in kentucky lund grimes. west virginia years ago, joe manchin shot a a hole through the cap and trade
4:34 pm
bill he ended up winning. kentucky son othe fence. west virginia, forget it. >> neon that the secretary of state, hillary clinton she is back in iowa. >> she is back. big surprise. she is back. she is way up in the polls. i think it's pretty inevitable that she is going to run and she is clearly you know way ahead of anybody out there. i don't think it was surprising that she was there reaction of course she didn't do well last time. >> came in third. hillary clinton is distancing herself from this president. it's hard to win three presidential elections in a he row. i think she is going to sail to the nomination. there might be something who will make it interesting but she is 40 points up. >> can't distance herself if she gets the nomination. she can't really distance herself from the president complexion day because she needs his mailing list, his voters, his constituents.
4:35 pm
going to have to cozy up to him at some point. >> that's why i say she is running until she is not running. not 100%. not because she can't win the democratic nomination. she is probably 40, 50 points up. there is problems beyond that in the general election. there is benghazi, tenure at the state department. deattachment to president obama. how can she distance herself. all this stuff she doesn't want to deal with as a candidate. her own health issues. i don't think it's guaranteed yet. she performed fine, adequate in iowa. not the spark i was looking for. >> feel like outnumbered with bob cusack. panel, thank you, accusations of a secret session in the basement of the state department headquarters, the alleged mission to get rid of benghazi documents that can beh:ñ damaging to secretary hillary clinton's state department. shocking report is next. plus urban outfitters calling it vintage. most people calling it disgusting. a a kent state sweat shirt covered in bloodstain. i'm going to tell what you i think off-the-record.
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allegations in the benghazi investigation. a a former state department diplomat accusing staff members of secretary of state hillary clinton of secretly removing damaging documents before turning over files to the accountability review board. sharyl attkisson broke the story. she joins us. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> what happened. >> ray maxwell a former deputy assistant secretary, very well respected told me witnessed an after hours session in the basement of the state department in an operation center which he was told by an office director that they were under orders to separate documents before they the accountable review board to separate out anything that could be embarrassing as he put it to the seventh floor or the front office. seventh floor referring to secretary of state clinton and her advisors. >> did he actually see this? did he go down there and look at this basement as they called for the records? >> yes. he heard about the operation. he was not invited specifically to it but one of his employees he says was
4:41 pm
there he stopped on and you is he went and look through papers. he asked it is this ethical? and the office director answered these are all orders. and then he claims that while he was there secretary of state.z# mills and jake sullivan came in, acknowledged him and spoke to him briefly. they appeared to be checking in on the operation and they left. >> why did maxwell come forward on this. i have spoken to him a long time. he has spoken to congress behind closed doors. they have information and probably more. he was not ready to come forward initially. he had job concerns and family concerns. he has since retired from the state department and he said his set his family concerns aside because he felt this was very important. >> does he know what was removed? dong didn't see documents taken out. >> he says he has no idea. i object struxzs were it to
4:42 pm
take out anything that could prove damaging or or embarrassing. that was up to determine. is it. >> the arb the ones investigating this for the state department, did they know anything about this? >> the apartment rb claims it had unfettered access to documents and people. >> they got their documents from the state department? >> in part, you know, the thing that made ray maxwell think about this was when he heard them defending their probe as independent and saying that they have this unfettered access, he thought to himself no, they didn't. they say in their defense or the state department says they had many sources of information that people could even call them directly with information that they wanted to submit so it would have been impossible tore any single source outside to control the flow of information that's what the state department says. >> here is what the spokesman said today full and direct access to state department documents. any accounts contrary like
4:43 pm
the one you mention meaning gs11 informed. completely it was these reports show a complete lack of understanding how the arb functioned it collects its own documents directly from anybody in the department. there was a department wide call for information to be given to the arb. so that's the response of the state department. >> that may be true. they did issue a call, but as one person who worked there told me people were in general not willing to reach out directly and speak to the arb just because the arb made the call certainly doesn't mean that ault employees that had the information spoke with them. they did have the door open for that. >> sheryl, nice to see you as always. got "the big story." >> thank you. >> nice to see you. let's all go off-the-record. what is wrong with some people? tonight, those some people are the executives at urban outfitters. i don't know if these executives think they are funny or clever or even edgy. one thing is certain they are trash.
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know exactly what they were doing. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off-the-record, go to and tell us about it. two american journalists beheaded by isis steve follow foley and james sotloff. our next guest was a friend and tell us about their time in the war zones next. [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier. introducing cvs health. because health is everything. introducing cvs health. know that chasing performance and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns
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beatings and torture, barbaric isis holding hostages in unthinkable conditions and then doing the unthinkable, executing them. the parents of beheaded american journalist james foley telling "on the record" about their son's conditions in captivity and two failed escape attempts. >> they were given no book at all. nothing to read except the koran. they were given no taper and pencils, nothing. and that's why there were very few letters. only when they forced them
4:50 pm
to write a letter they would try keep the pen and they would have one pen for all 18 of them. so it was very difficult, they didn't give -- they tried very hard to give them nothing, isolate them. >> did they keep them in solitaire at all? >> no. thank goodness they kept them as a group, greta. >> they tortured them or beat them i have heard? >> oh yes, particularly jim. >> what was the -- how bad was the abuse? >> i really haven't read a lot of it, greta. i don't want to. i -- all i know is that everyone tells me that jim was strong. he put up with it. he took himself to a different place. he was able to deal with it. >> they tried -- jim tried to escape twice. obviously both unsuccessful. one of the times the person with him stumbled or had had -- was delayed and jimmy waited for him. >> so, you know, they did the best they could. it's interesting how, you
4:51 pm
know, how his faith was, you know, helped him. >> you can't do this on true grit. you cannot do it on true grit. >> jim wasn't a holy kid, okay? jim was just a good kid. >> and documentary film maker michael van dyke was friends with the jim and the other journalist killed by isis. nice to see you, matthew. >> thank you. >> what a terrible story. i mean, none of us, except for the family knew either one of these. we all feel heart broken by. this it's so unthinkable. and, you know, i don't know how do you deal with it? >> you know, it's difficult. i lost two friends in about two weeks. but i take consolation that they died doing what they had a passion for. that's a lot more than most people get. >> how did you meet james? >> i first met james in libya in 2011.
4:52 pm
i had been a prisoner of war in libya and james had been detained by the gaddafi regime for journalism. upon being released he came home a while and came back to report on the war. i just escaped from prison. we bonded on our shared prison experience, actually. >> and stephan? >> i also met stephan in libya but in 2012 when he contacted me offering to mediate a dispute libyan. after that we hit it off and became friends. >> how did the two three of you. how compare and contrast the three of urengs what drew the three of you to this type of work? >> you know, at the end, it's passion. i have a passion for film making and for the causes that i believe. in james had a real passion for journalism. it was his calling. stephan had a passion for the region. like myself, he was a regional specialist. he loved north africaened at middle east. he learned the language. at the end they both really cared not just about the practice of journalism but also about the people they were covering. >> do you have any advice? i mean, look, there are more
4:53 pm
americans held. more people that are held. some nations that will pay ransom. you know, do you have any sort of advice because we're going to face this probably in a week, 10 days, i don't know. maybe we will be lucky and never face it again. what's your advice on how the nation should try to get these people home? >> you know, if there is an opportunity to pay a ransom. just pay it isis has revenue sources that are unconventional compared to most terrorism groups. they don't only sustain themselves on hostage taking. they have oil revenues. robbing banks, extortion taxation. so paying the ransom is not we need to get these people home and destroy isis. >> and as you look any thoughts on the strategy we have now? >> i really want to see the moderate opposition in syria supported. we are going to need those ground forces to take on isis. you can't do it all from the air. i certainly don't want us fighting bashar al sad's. but the assad regime and isis have to go. >> indeed, they do.
4:54 pm
and it's just terrible. you see these pictures of the two journalists who poured their heart and soul into this work and now this is what we are talking about. anyway, matthew, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> and coming up, a manhunt for a cop killer. the search for a suspect and a motive in the murder of a state trooper next. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away
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ready, set to speed read. first, to pennsylvania. a manhunt is on, a gunman murdered one state trooper and wounded another. it happened on friday night. the suspect opened fire outside the police pair racks. happened near scranton, pennsylvania. the motive forever the fatal ambush is not known. now to minnesota where runningback adrian peterson will rejoin his team. despite the child abuse is he facing. he used a wooden switch to spank his son. it broke the child's skin. peterson issuing a statement
4:59 pm
saying is he quote, without a doubt. not a child abuser. now to baltimore where the clock is ticking for former baltimore ravens running back ray rice. the deadline for rice to file an appeal with suspension is tomorrow night at 11:59 p.m. the nfl suspended rice indefinitely after the elevator video of rice punching his then fiancee surfaced. and in mexico a powerful category 3 hurricane slamming lucas. destroying homes, roads, parts of luxury hotels. and store windows have been shattered, sparking looting. now, thanks for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. now, just a reminder. if you are just getting in and tuning in before bill o'reilly, that 8:00 show. pick up your dvr remote and set a series recording for "on the record" each night. and then you can watch it any time you want in the evening. also, one other thing, wherever you go, stay up to the minute with fox news channel. we have another way for you to watch "on the record." watch live at fox news on your computer or
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on yourç commute home on the bus or the train. up next, the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> no one is picturing u.s. brigade combat teams maneuvering in a western iraqi desert. but we do need to have a presence on the ground. >> how to defeat the isis terrorists. president obama does not want to use ground troops. but, the u.s.a. may have to. we'll spell out the situation tonight. >> >> for the third time in less than a month, a grouch militants known as isis has released a video purporting to show the execution of a western hostage. >> expect more brutality from the isis nazis. how will the world confront them? we will tell you what each country is doing. >> do you ever hear annoying phrases that get your


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